Why Resorting to Name Calling In Internet Arguments is Totally Acceptable

I recognize that I’m pretty far left leaning, call me crazy, I just have this idea that the definition of Big Government, is a government that wants to be in charge of what women do with their bodies, it also ignores the very foundation of this country and wants to deport or deny immigrants, it’s also an entity that gives better tax rates to the rich and to corporations, it advocates religious freedom so long as that religion is Christianity. That is BIG GOVERNMENT, and pretty much the rally cry of the far right.

I have a big mouth. I do. I feel as though I’m old enough to have my own opinions, post them freely, and don’t care in the slightest what other people have to say. Especially on social media. I have a Twitter account, and on my Twitter account, I say things. People respond, a lot of times with total contempt, and I don’t care – because it’s my Twitter account to do with what I wish. It took me decades to formulate my opinion, do you think you’re going to change my mind with a condescending statement 140 characters or less?

Here is how those interactions go:

Me: So-and-so is a fucking twat

Rando-dipshit: Well tell me how you feel when you’re praising allah and wearing a headscarf.

Me: You are also a twat

Rando-dipshit: Name calling libtard!

Me: No there’s no point in arguing with you. (It’s because you are stupid).

Case in point:

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.43.24 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.42.50 AM

  1. When you refer to someone on the internet as “darling” followed by an ignorant remark, you are in fact a cunt.
  2. When your response to being called cunt (in an amazingly creative way!) is ignoring the fact that you were ignorant, and then speaking in emoticons – you’ve simply proven that you are a cunt, or what ever creative name I should come up with.

My mention of this particular conversation is just an example of several of the conversations I’ve had with totally random assholes. My point is that calling someone out for being ignorant in a crass way is perfectly acceptable while working in a medium of 140 characters or less. This is why I mostly like to Tweet Donald Trump to tell him that I’d like to shit on his head, or that my cat wants to shit on his head.

If you need some ideas for creative names, feel free to borrow from my treasure trove of profanity. It includes such gems as Thundercunt, Asscunt, C U Next Tuesday (not original but fun), Unicunt (for that once in a life time glowing mecca of cuntedness), The Cuntress of Cunttown, sometimes I straight up steal from Kevin Smith and go with Pickle Fucker. Practice makes perfect.

P.S. Condescending Thundercunt – totally a Trump Troll, and there’s just no arguing with that.


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