The Political Flip-Flop Condemnation and Why Changing Ideas Isn’t Terrible

This is a thing that’s always bothered me. Statements that are basically “(insert politician’s name here) flip-flops on X ideals, and are therefore untrustworthy!”. As an adult human person type being, it’s totally acceptable to change your mind about shit, especially in the name of growth. For example, Hilary Clinton at one point said that she believed marriage should be between a man and a woman, although I suspect she said this under duress as the idea of gay marriage was totally unpopular at the time, and as a human type person, she’s subject to herd mentality. As we all are.

People have a universal need to be liked, especially people in the spotlight. As a result, we tip-toe around issues, or sometimes even say things to appease others. This is kind of a result of a not too distant past of potentially being stoned to death or burned at the stake. Even those that hold claim to not caring if they’re liked or admired are still pandering to an audience, such as people that proudly declare that they’re an asshole – they’re still seeking a pat on the back, just by a group of people that are assholes.

There is nothing wrong with changing your thought process in the name of growth. There is however, something profoundly wrong when someone continues down that path once proven wrong out of the need to be right. For example, Donald Trump. The Donald declared that President Obama was not actually president because he was born in Kenya, and started a fury of people demanding that Obama be removed from office due to fraud – all the while forgetting that President Obama’s mother was born in America, in Wichita Kansas, the “heartland” of this great nation. By definition, regardless of where Obama was born, by law, he’s a naturalized citizen. Once DT was provided with the long form birth certificate from Hawaii that was totally not needed, was there an apology for this obnoxious stirring up of the crazies? Nope. Why? Because the man is incapable of accepting truth other than his own, which is dangerous and irresponsible.

People that accept change and opinions other than their own in the name of growth should be applauded rather than scolded. People that deny fact and reason because it goes against their opinion, should not be held in any regard.

As an adult human I’ve changed my mind about a number of things for a number of different reasons, and it’s awesome, because it’s not only expanding my lexicon of life, but it’s also defining my ability to exercise free will without definition.


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