Best Missed Connections Post Ever

Or at least one of them.

You farted in krogers yesterday – m4w (Troy, MO)

“You were the tall brunette with the near perfect body that farted in the bread section last night. I was the tall guy next to you that looked over and asked, “Was that you?” You quickly replied, “No it wasn’t me!” You almost seemed insulted that I would ask. As the stink grew you continued to deny your flatulence, but it was evident. I tried to get rid of the stench by waving two loaves of ciabatta bread. You proceeded to storm off in an angry manner. You are beautiful and even if you are a liar and fart like a clydesdale, I would love to meet up.”

I hope he meets his farting goddess, because this is a love story for the ages. I mean that! I know I’m a sarcastic bitch monster most of the time, but ciabatta bread as makeshift fabreeze? That’s love.


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